A new roof on the Diamond Exchange, Amsterdam

a meeting between a city and a monument

An exchange is a meeting place for markets, people and ideas. The Diamond Exchange in Amsterdam combines these functions and so will the new center for creative industries that is going to settle here.

A national monument restored

The building, designed by Gerrit van Arkel in 1910, is powerful and idiosyncratic. Due to its special belfry and rhythmic structure, the building has an energetic relationship with its surroundings. It is a classical Amsterdam building, and was obviously declared a national monument. But after several additions, a fire and a number of renovations, there is too little left of the original monument. In order to make a step forward, the original façade of the Diamond Exchange will be mostly restored, giving it back its unique features.

The extension accentuates the qualities of the monument

Once restored to its full glory, the Diamond Exchange will be ready to meet the city once again. Not only by being the center for the creative industries, but also by providing a new public space, that has exceptional qualities. In the design, the relationship with the belfry has been defining. By creating space between the roof structure and the belfry, the belfry will become an eye-catcher once again.

The roof structure conforms to the monument

The roof structure supports the role of the monumental Diamond Exchange as a location for public meetings, by applying a modern and contemporary style, which in no way competes with the modest Art Nouveau style by Van Arkel. Seen from street level, the relationship is obvious: the Diamond Exchange takes center stage, and the roof structure is a supporting complement.

Commissioned by Zadelhoff and publisher Willem Sijthoff, and in cooperation with Heyligers design + projects and Braaksma & Roos Architectenbureau , ZJA is working on the next phase of the Diamond Exchange.

Project: 942