The new tribune for football club AFC Amsterdam accommodates 600 people. The construction of steel and wood creates an appealing atmosphere.

AFC is a small Amsterdam football club with a long history whose members feel a strong personal connection with each other and with the club. This atmosphere is being recalled in the shape of the tribune and the choice of materials: steel and wood. Bent rafters of laminated Russian larch carry a cantilevered roof of white coated profiled steel sheet. Natural wood is sustainable and creates a warm, friendly and contemporary atmosphere which fits perfectly with the club and the location close to the new business district on the Zuidas. The rafters are additionally supported by a steel construction. The tribune itself is integrated into the slope of the dike.

The realisation of the wooden construction proved to be quite a challenge: The rafters have to deal with a powerful moment of a torque because of the long overhang. The use of steel pins proved to be the solution to the problem. An additional steel element transfers the weight downwards. This solves two issues: the elegant cantilever could be constructed without additional support and we could stick to our choice of material.


Project #427