Albert Cuyp underwater parking garage nominated for Dutch Concrete Award 2019


The Albert Cuyp underwater parking garage designed by ZJA and built under the Boerenwetering canal in the Pijp neighbourhood in Amsterdam, has been nominated for the Dutch Concrete Award 2019. A unique project, because never before was a parking garage built under an existing canal in Amsterdam. Efficient use of limited public space in the Pijp is paramount; the arrival of the Albert Cuyp parking garage reduces parking pressure ánd offers more space for greenery, pedestrians and cyclists in the area.

The jury about the Albert Cuyp underwater parking garage: "Wonderful to build a parking garage under a canal in an inner urban area. Multiple use of public space has been made and the project is very well executed."

Underwater concrete floor reinforced with steel fibres

The basement floor of the parking garage consists of underwater concrete that has been reinforced with steel fibres. A construction floor has been poured on top. Due to this combination, the basement floor could be made thinner, which not only saves a lot of cubic meters of concrete, it also required less soil to be excavated and removed. This way, nuisance and risks for the environment were minimized.

Concrete columns

The parking garage is only supported in the middle by concrete columns that are oval in shape and tapered from top to bottom. Due to the long row of columns, the user has a clear overview which increases the feeling of social safety in the parking garage. In addition, technical components are concealed in the ceiling, which increases the spatial effect of the parking garage.

During the construction of the Albert Cuyp underwater parking garage, the aim was to minimize the nuisance and risks to the environment and to ensure a high rate of construction. This has been implemented through a smart combination of in situ concrete and the supply of prefab concrete.

Award ceremony Dutch Concrete Award 2019

The winner of the Dutch Concrete Award will be announced on November 14th during the Betondag at the Van Nelle Factory in Rotterdam.

Max Bögl Nederland is responsible for the construction of the Albert Cuyp parking garage commissioned by the Municipality of Amsterdam.



Albert Cuyp underwater parking garage, Amsterdam

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