In the foothills of the mountains of northern Bulgaria lies the town where Aleksandar was born and where he grew up. As a child, there were never any examples or influences that influenced his interest in architecture. However, his passion for drawing led him to choose architecture as his profession.

‘But I loved drawing, which I did from a young age. I painted as well and took part in drawing competitions. The entry exam for architecture requires knowledge of mathematics of course, but in Bulgaria one must take three exams in different types of drawing as well. I discovered I was good at making the connection between mathematics and spatial imagination.’

His interest mainly focussed on public architecture. The built environment determines the atmosphere in which people live, communicate and collaborate. Placing the user in the centre of the design and his experience is what he found the most attractive and inspiring. As part of the Erasmus program, he went to study in France and later obtained his Master’s degree there. As intern and later employee at Benthem Crouwel he worked on the design of metro stations in Paris. That is how he found his way to Amsterdam.

He started working at ZJA because of the projects they engage in, but also for the relaxed and international atmosphere he likes. Presently he is working on the design for the railway station Amsterdam Zuid, a part of the big Zuidasdok-project.

His dream? To design a fantastic residence, from beginning to end, in extreme detail, and in a close and personal relationship with the client.