She grew up in Wuppertal, a city in the sloping Bergisches Land. From a young age she was into art and loved being active in creating it too. The hands-on aspect and creative side fascinated her. But she turned out to be gifted in science and maths as well and chose to combine the two sides in the study of architecture.

She specialized in experimental design and spent some time in the famous Obuchi Laboratory in Tokyo where she worked on designing interfaces for the interaction between robotic systems and humans.

She found a job at an architectural firm in Cologne, that mainly designed office buildings. After a while however she preferred a more international orientation and became interested in Dutch architecture. That is how she came to apply for a job at ZJA and eventually found the job that fitted her perfectly, that of design architect.

‘I just took a chance. I loved seeing the many different types of projects ZJA was involved in. I like their unconventional approach and their international outlook. At ZJA you are not forced to become a specialist. I can experience and explore all kinds of architecture here. The diversity of the projects I can work on here is what I particularly appreciate.’