At a young age he learned to draw in perspective from an uncle, who was an architect in Paris. It was fascinating to almost physically grasp space with measurable lines. It was something he really wanted to be good at. As part of his studies in constructive engineering he followed an internship at an architectural firm, where his close collaboration with the architect sparked his interest in the design process. It encouraged him to go on to the TU Delft.

‘For me everything came together beautifully when I got occupied with sustainable design from the perspective of materialisation. It opened up a fascinating world. It woke up an inventive character within me. For my graduation project I made a design for the UN headquarter for sustainability in New York. It brought me an Archiprix nomination and a 9 out of 10 graduation score. Quite a thrill, of course.’

With his active interest in innovation in design and material he wants to develop into an all-round architect, with a specialization in detailed materialization. For him ZJA is a logical place to work, as exploratory and innovative thinking is encouraged and he has the opportunity to work on the kind of projects he likes best, such as sports facilities. Or unique projects, like the Diamond Exchange in Amsterdam, in which a monument is restored and where new contemporary functions have to be developed and integrated.