March 20, 2015

Kortrijk Buda bridge officially opened.

The new bridge in the center of Kortrijk is part of the infrastructure project 'Lys Working'. A large-scale project in which the River Lys is broadened and deepened. The bridge connects the districts Overleie and Buda and is a short distance from the historic center of the city. The adjacent quay will be designed as a pedestrian promenade.

The new movable bridge is a table bridge that replaces the old, fixed bridge. The bridge is designed in such a way that it has a  high clearance in the closed position. This allows the majority of the loaded barges sail under the bridge without the need to be opened. When open, there is a free clearance height of 7 meters so passage of container ships with three layers of containers is possible.

The slender steel bridge deck has an open support structure of two low arches. These form the separation between the road and the footpath and make an opening so direct light can enter under the bridge.


project: 0380