‘I can’t remember a time that I did not want to become an architect. The kindergarten I went to in Turin stood next to a beautiful castle-like building. From the playground I would stare at this beautiful building, dreaming away. Later I found out that the department of Architecture of the Polytechnic University was located there, so I knew immediately that this was what it was going to be.’

In her idea the training to be an architect Italian style, with a very historical, academic and theoretical curriculum, called for the further exploration of the cultural and artistic aspects of architecture, which prompted her to move to Lyon.

‘That was a very exciting and instructive experience, also because of the distance towards my own country and family.’

The move to the TU Eindhoven brought all aspects of architecture together. The focus there was very much on the actual practice of design and building, and the role of the architect among other disciplines.

At ZJA she feels right at home, because of the many different design commissions, but mainly because of the innovative way of thinking about finding the balance between the big urban scale of buildings, infrastructure and the human scale.

‘Oh and Amsterdam is such a wonderful city, not too big, a lot of parks and neighboring green, and a crazy array of cultural attractions.’