The Abu Dhabi Department of Transport (DoT) is assigned to manage and regulate parking services in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. For this, a comprehensive and integrated parking management program is being developed that aims at resolving parking issues by implementing innovative and integrated parking solutions contributing to a better quality of life for the residents and visitors of the Emirate.

The parking management program provides a sustainable solution aimed at ensuring a greener, more accessible and less congested city. This initiative supports Plan Abu Dhabi 2030 and the Department of Transport’s plans to place Abu Dhabi as one of the leading world capitals with regards to focusing on mobility, connectivity and transport.

Solutions to parking include the development and construction of (underground) parking facilities.

In cooperation with PARSONS International, and commissioned by the DoT, the architects ZJA developed an architectural concept as a proposal for an underground parking facility in sector E11. This particular parking facility also served as a pilot project for a series of future parking facilities in Abu Dhabi. E11 sector in Abu Dhabi is located between Zayed the Second Street from the north, Al Falah Street from the south, Al Salam Street from the east and Najda Street from the west.

The architectural concept of ZJA is based on a number of proposed guiding design principles, which can be summarized as follows:

  • Glazed entrances and exits that act as the main focus point of the parking garage, and which stand out, in a way helping users with their orientation and providing increased public safety.
  • Avoiding dark corners and obscure spaces by applying curved and smooth cladding, contributing to increased public safety, higher levels of comfort and ease of maintenance.
  • Simple and consequent color schemes and graphics, resulting in clear routing, relaxed traffic and increased user safety.
  • A clean ceiling plan, which preferably obscures installations. For example (removable) metal panel– or louver ceilings can create a calm atmosphere, which aids orientation, can optimize acoustics and even filter the air.
  • Strong coloring of outer walls with support structures in a light pallet. This makes the parking feel more spacious leading to less stress for drivers and more comfort for pedestrians.
  • Different color schemes for each level within the underground parking, aiding orientation.
  • A (LED) lighting scheme that contributes towards a sense of wellbeing and orientation, using daylight where possible.
  • Development of commercial functions in the garage and / or near the entrances.
  • Provisions for advertising, like for example plain or backlit panels, emphasizing the location of the entrances and exits and helping orientation.

Awards: IPI - Award of Excellence 2016; 'Best Design of a Parking Facility with Fewer than 800 Spaces' and an award for 'New Sustainable Parking & Transportation Facilities Excellence', and a Gulf Traffic Award 2016.

The E11 Parking Abu Dhabi has been completed in the summer of 2015.
Client: Parsons Overseas Ltd.
Project: #761