The Belgian W&Z, Waterways and Sea channel Authority and the municipality of Wetteren presented the plan for a new cycle/footbridge by ZJA.

The new cycle/footbridge for the Belgian town of Wetteren is part of a large-scale governmental initiative to make the river Schelde more suitable for larger riverboats and transport.

At strategic locations the river will be dredged and widened. Embankments will be shifted and quays will be reconstructed.

The new bridge replaces an already existing footbridge, which unites both the shores of Wetteren. It will be the new pivoting point of an urban plan in which the natural relation between the city and the river will be restored.

The bridge will be part of route along a number significant sight. On the left-shore different routes converge at a triangular square near the river. The market-square on the right-shore near Wetteren’s monumental Church connects the bridge with the urban setting of Wetteren.

The pylon of the new cable-supported bridge is the designs key-feature; it guides the new axis, which runs from the centre of the city, over the river Schelde towards the new bastion on the left-shore.

Principal: De Vlaamse Waterweg
Client: SBE
Landscape architect: OKRA Landscape architects
Year: 2018

Photograph: OKRA Landschapsarchitecten, Marc Van Wezemael and Wesley Poelman

Project: #674