Under the authority of both Stadsdeel Amsterdam North and Consortium XYZ we made a design for urban development in order to investigate the limiting conditions of the construction of the subway station Hasseltsebaan.

Hasseltsebaan is the first station of the new North-South line after the centre of northern Amsterdam. The station will be situated between the traffic lanes of the IJ-tunnel road, at the level of the fly-over of the Hasseltsebaan.

The IJ-tunnel road divides the north of Amsterdam into two parts. Both the proposed tower – which combines living and working – and a lower elongated building between the tunnel and the canal have created many extra functions. Due to these functions and the subway station there are a lot more connections between both parts of the city. The north has many relatively small and modest houses, and as a result a lot of people who can afford a larger house move away from the north of Amsterdam. Therefore, we have also proposed to build some larger and more expensive houses.