Indoor Golf Solutions International is a co-operation between architects ZJA and Outstanding Enterprises . 

Indoor Golf Solutions International is committed to developing indoor golf as a way of attracting and retaining players of all ages, in order to grow the game of golf and provide a valuable and major contribution towards the future of golf.

With our vision, we aim to make the connection between the changes in society and the effect on the golf business. Our goal is to offer clients expert advice in order to make good, strategic decisions for their golf facilities. Our vision is to be the leading force in the development of indoor golf as a full-fledged complement to traditional outdoor facilities, with our indoor golf facilities being destinations of choice for golfers of all levels, offering a one-stop fun experience, which enhances social engagement, golf proficiency and a participation in golf to last a lifetime.

We seek to inspire, to empower clients with proficiency, confidence, excitement and energy. To show clients the way, and to advise them how to choose their own direction based on the characteristics and needs of their market. We offer our ideas as a trigger for discussion, as an example of how to improve a client’s business. We want to grow the game of golf together with our clients, and to have a joint responsibility and interest to contribute to the future of golf. 

Indoor Golf Arena
Indoor Golf Solutions International is currently developing Indoor Golf Arena®, the world’s largest Indoor Golf Center and a center of excellence for golf, offering state of the art, weather independent, recreational and professional training facilities, for both professional players as well as those who are relatively new to the beautiful game of golf.

Indoor Golf Solutions International is powered by Southwest Greens and Foresight Sports.