An interest in physics and technology, combined with a fascination for the power of drawing, steered Luis towards architecture. His journey started when Luis moved from his native island Tenerife to study at the Polytechnic University in Madrid, a great opportunity to broaden horizons.

Through an exchange program a few years later he enrolled for a design course at the Institute for Lightweight Structures from University Stuttgart in Germany. Afterwards, he became an intern in an architectural office that focused on similar kinds of constructions. “The lack of German language skills led to some misunderstanding at first. At that time, I discovered drawing as a powerful tool for communicating ideas and exploring the questions and possibilities behind a design. And I found out that I am good at it.”

Looking for new challenges, he moved to the Netherlands and applied for a job at ZJA. What appealed to him was the innovative work on big scale projects such as stadiums and stations. “I have always had a passion for how things are made. More and more I am interested in the whole design process and multidisciplinary collaboration. For this, I am in the right spot at ZJA, and I am happy to be here, because that’s what this place is all about.”

In the future, Luis would like to do more research and work with ephemeral and experimental architecture. As a student he was involved in these topics, and his curiosity to explore new possibilities is far from exhausted.