Strolling under a striking canopy

The new bridge takes a central place within the Maasboulevard masterplan and can be seen from almost anywhere in the area. From the bridge itself one can observe all activities in and around the port. This is why the bridge has to be more than just an overpass.

The bridge is more than just an overpass - it is a place where one can meet and stay. The flamboyant canopy marks the central position of the bridge. It contributes to a feeling of security for the people strolling there on a warm summer night. The bridge invites people to cross over to the park situated on the headland.

Materials and colours give the bridge a boat-like character: the steel construction is coated white, other elements are made of stainless steel. Deck and railing contain wooden details, the balustrade uses glass. The deck itself is made of Thermowood parts. This is a sustainable alternative for hardwood, interspersed with transparent epoxycoating.

The arched construction carries a sculptural roof grid with glass panels onto which pholovoltaic cells can be mounted. The steel bridge deck is hung from the arch with stainless steel cables. Images of Roman coins are printed onto the glass balustrades. They were found in the neighbourhood and recollect the turbulent past of this port.

Lighting is crucial: LED spots on the deck mark the bicycle and walking route during the day and at night. That way the route gets more appealing for an evening stroll.