The idea of following the family tradition to become a doctor or dentist did not appeal to him. Not that this made his choices any easier. He liked history and languages as much as science. He eventually chose the latter and graduated as an architect at the university of Jakarta. But as big as Indonesia might be, he wanted to see more of the world and considered moving to Australia or Singapore. He settled though for London, where he completed a master in construction management.

‘In London they were involved in collaborative projects with the TU Delft and Polytech Arnhem. That is how I ended up doing an internship in Arnhem. I really liked the Netherlands and decided to stay. I found a job as an architectural draughtsman and assistant designer. But to be honest I became restless, I longed to explore new subjects.’

If there is anything to characterize him it is his inquisitive nature. He is keen to acquire graphic design skills, reads up on a large spectrum of subjects and is in tune with developments in architecture.

‘When I arrived at ZJA for the first time for an interview with Rein Jansma, I entered the room and saw this coat made out of small metal plates. There were most extraordinary objects all over the room and I thought that this man was so much more than just an architect. It was hugely inspiring, really great!’

When designing and editing books, tender documents and presentations his varied interests and inquisitiveness are valuable assets, as ZJA projects are often unique and interdisciplinary in nature.