Cars and accessories

Mobiland is situated on industrial wasteland along the Zuiderval, one of the main routes into to the centre of Enschede. For this brownfield area, a former gas works, architects ZJA designed the urban plan and the buildings.

The urban plan of ZJA is based on a building block placed around a public courtyard with car park and all accesses to the buildings. Together with the developer and the future tenants this block has been developed further. Mobiland offers 15,000 square meters which can be used for functions related to mobility such as car dealers with associated workshops, a self-service maintenance unit with car wash and a building with multipurpose units.

A continuous screen (570 meters) along the facade visually unites all functions. The screen is made of a steel frame with a continuous line of blue neon light. The construction can be used by the tenants to hang their advertisements. The use of matching materials and colours in the facade creates a sense of unity without reducing the flexibility and freedom for future tenants. The facade consists of a plinth of dark-coloured fibre cement plate and isolated steel boxes covered by a silver-grey coated metal plate.

The large windows of the car dealers are leaning?, the angle reducing reflections. Storage and a car park are placed at ground level and finished by a glass facade. This does not only make the cars visible, it makes the building seem to float.

Project: 311