Living and shopping in Kharadi

The architects ZJA are working on a masterplan voor the new neighbourhood “Kharadi” on the outskirts of Pune, with 5 million inhabitants one of the largest cities in India. Shops, apartments, offices and leisure facilities will be built on an area covering 6 hectares.

Lack of space, congestion and noise are typical and often problematic features of Indian cities. The masterplan for Kharadi combines bustling activity with calm areas and keeps them in balance. Busy shopping streets, open recreational areas and nature are all present.
The new neighbourhood is being segmented into distinctive plots. One part contains cinemas, shops, clubs and other leisure facilities and aims at a younger audience. Adjacent is a business area with offices and shops. A creek cuts through the third, large area. Shops and a small business section are situated one one bank, while the other side contains
mainly family homes and an open square with an amphitheatre.
The density, high along the main road, decreases towards the river. There, the development is open and peaceful.
Good care for the environment and the climate are essential in this project. Pune has a humid and hot climate with heavy rains. Canopies are an excellent solution: they protect from sun and rain, can be used to place energy-producing photovoltaic cells, and they act as a buffer for rain water. Also, the green roofs are chosen not only for esthetical reasons, but help to buffer and filter precipitation. In short, Kharadi will be CO2-neutral.