By order of HBG Vastgoed, for a multiple assignment by the city of Amsterdam, the architects ZJA made a design for two multifunctional office buildings on the Panamalaan in Amsterdam.

These joint office buildings offer business accommodations of 250 to 1000 m2 to various companies that will share certain functions, such as a reception desk, a copy shop and a catering establishment. Furthermore, we have chosen to make a connection with the neighborhood by adding some functions like a day care center, a lending counter for toys, an ICT center, an internet café, and a health and fitness center. These functions are intended for use by both the companies in the building and people living in the vicinity.

The short facades of the buildings and the towers are transparent, leaving the interior work of the buildings visible. The roof projections on both buildings create a gate across the Panamalaan. Underneath the buildings there is a parking garage for some 60 cars.