New bridges had to be built to connect the new VINEX-district with the city of Leidsche Rijn via the Amsterdam Rijnkanaal.

The architects ZJA were selected - together with a couple of other design teams - to make a preliminary sketch of the so-called 'Papendorpse' bridge, and a blueprint of a bridge for high-quality public transport, cyclists and pedestrians.

We designed the 'Papendorp' bridge with two floors. This proved to be rather favourable, because it fitted well in the urban area (Churchilllaan, Kanaleneiland, Utrecht), and because the two floors ensured sufficient construction height.

By connecting the concrete floors with steel bars, you get so-called quarter trusses.
The cars drive on the highest level, public transport and slow traffic use the lower level. Cyclists and pedestrians can use the escalators and stairs, but they can also reach the other bank without these means.