Project Brinkpark consists of five elements: the construction of an underground car park, the construction of a park, taking the stream The Grift above ground, the refurbishment of the Brinklaan and adjustments to the cycling routes.

The Brinkpark is transformed into a charming city park, in which The Grift plays a major role. The Brinkpark is due for completion late May 2013. Under the Brinkpark a two-storey car park with a total area of approximately 8,000 m2 has been constructed, so to maintain a total offering of 240 parking spaces. The underground garage is a public car park, with part of the parking spaces allocated to the Land Registry. The garage has two floors with 120 parking spaces per floor.

In order to maximize the green experience, the roof of the car park is included in the parkland. The grass surface continues over the car park and the roof of the garage has been planted with trees. The special and valuable trees on site are spared as much as possible. Also the entrances for cars and pedestrians and the necessary ventilation of the car park form an integral part of the Brinkpark. Above ground, merely the central pedestrian entrance and the entrances and exits to the underground car park are visible.
The underground car park is simple and rectangular in shape. Dark corners have been avoided by rounding them off. The staircase is transparent and centrally located. Much attention has been paid to the integration of installations and construction. Subsequently, there are no air ducts to be seen and cables for e.g. lighting etc. are not visible. No constructive beams can be seen either and the ceiling is completely flush. These measures result in a clear car park. In that way, the visitor’s attention is directed towards those elements in the car park that actually matter and because of that, social security is guaranteed on all levels of the underground car park.

A uniform colour scheme has been developed for the car park. The livery adds to overview and spaciousness, creating tranquillity. The use of colour is limited to the basic colours red, white and light grey. The ceiling and columns are white. White is a determining factor for the car park. White areas provide overview and spaciousness, which create a visual calm. The parking bays and sheet piles are red. The lanes are light grey. The use of colour, even in the signage and graphics, is simple and straightforward, determining the recognition and identity of the car park to a large extent.
The lighting plan increases the spaciousness of the car park. The lanes are lit with continuous light lines. The parking spaces are lit with individual lighting fixtures above and with light lines integrated in a cove along the sheet piles. In particular, the cove lighting along the sheet piles increases the spaciousness. Because the sheet-pile walls indent, a dramatic effect is created in combination with the cove lighting. It is obvious that for all lighting, LED lighting fixtures are used as a durable solution.


Project: 0382