Renewed N302 between Kootwijk and Hoorn

Various landscapes are lined up along the N302 between Kootwijk and Hoorn. They determine the experience of the road: green berms, impressing panoramas and strong contrasts between the various landscapes. It is a true parkway with wayside restaurants at the most important sights and panoramas. The bicycle bridge Harderwijk, one of the largest wooden bridges in Europe, is part of the project.

A lot of attention has been paid to emphasizing this continuous parkway character. Two crucial design choices are derived from that fact: firstly the use of wide side berms and a continuous middle berm. Secondly, we tried to avoid all unnecessary street furniture. The less distraction there is the more one can experience the landscape. Our design aims at creating an unobtrusive streetscape with two lanes in each direction and gradual transitions between different altitudes.

The N302 through Harderwijk is seen as a parkway through three very distinct landscapes: thick forest, urbanised polder and a coastal area. Between the Veluwe and the crossing with the Newtonweg (Netwonstreet) the N302 is designed as a road passing through dense green woods with an overgrown noise screen. In the urban zone the road will be accompanied by a row of trees. This furthers the idea of continuity and creates a clear visual boundary between the road and the adjacent commercial parks. The treetops filter their crude appearance without impeding the sight onto the town. In the coastal zone drivers can experience the gorgeous panoramic sight onto the water.

The vertical alignment, the altitude of the road, is arranged to provide the best possible experience of two panoramas: the view onto the town and the view onto the water. Starting at the Veluwe the driver will rise steadily towards one peak level, the Newtonweg crossing, with its view of Harderwijk. The true climax follows shortly afterwards after the crossing Lorentzstraat: there one gets an unrestricted view of the Lake Veluwe.

Between these two 'peaks' the N302 is lower. This assures good visual contact with the surrounding areas and limits the height of the embankment. Furthermore, this alignment boosts the panoramic experience: the road rises towards a climax without giving the panorama away. This heightens the spectacular experience of the landscape.