Visions for the Randstad

How will the Randstad, the central urban area between Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague, look like in 2040? ZJA worked in the atelier of One Arcitecture under the direction of Matthijs Bouw on visions for the Randstad for the Ministry of Housing, Spatial Planning and Environment (VROM). Three scenario’s emerged which combine living and working.

In The Spin Amsterdam becomes the uncontested centre of the Randstad, as it is perceived internationally. Metropolitan living is stimulated, while open areas between the cities are turned into common recreation areas. Top-quality public transport junctions can be reached easily and are surrounded by large-scale parking.

The Ladder strengthens the western axe around Amsterdam, Leiden and Rotterdam. Public transport along the coast will be boosted. This creates a 'ladder-structure' with urban functions concentrated around the stops. Multiple use of space such as underground parking is stimulated.

The Archipel refrains from major government interventions. The government no longer sets the standards. Instead it will govern through legislation and stimulate local initiatives through subsidies. Central structures such as water balance will remain with the national government.