The bascule bridge on the Riedijkshaven in Dordrecht creates a new connection between the Merwedekade and the Noorderhooft. The graciously flowing lines of the bridge produce two seemingly contradictory impressions: subtlety and a kind of heaviness that visualises the forces needed to open the bridge.

The bridge consists of two components: the moving parts of the bridge and the two abutments. The abutments are designed as two monolithical concrete elements with a large overlap with the quay, transforming smoothly into the mobile steel parts of the bridge.

The steel girders of the movable bridge deck are perforated in a pattern illustrating the dynamics within the girders. The materials - steel and concrete - and the supple transition between the fixed and the moving elements produce an exciting contrast.

The interaction between and the careful structural detailing of all parts is crucial for the appearance of the bridge. The barrier-box is part of the concrete abutments, the middle navigation light is integrated into the girder, and the round shape of the service building emphasizes the elegant play of lines. Nothing distracts from the calm appearance of the bridge.

Client:Era Contour