Roderik is a proponent of down to earth architecture, based on clear and outspoken choices, to give flair to the immediate experience of the visitor to a concert hall, a stadium or a sports arena. In his eyes an architect is supposed to express the reason to exist for a building as powerful and simple as possible. He prefers to work on infrastructural projects and buildings with a large scale. What keeps fascinating him is the behavior crowds display when attending a concert or a sporting match.

‘As an architect you’re mostly busy consulting, explaining, mediating. I prefer direct, personal and short lines of contact. You are transferring knowledge, but you also make sure that mistakes and errors show up fast. Sometimes you’re the motivator. Sometimes you have to lay the puzzle, other times to be tactical or convincing. It’s convenient that I know all dimensions of the building process from my own experience. I learned to lay bricks at MBO, to solve technical problems at HTS and became an architect at the TU Delft, to be part of the building process with his design as a starting point.’