Family of bridges for new housing estate

The architects ZJA designed various bridges for Schuytgraaf, a new housing estate near Arnhem.

The long bicycle bridge has a distinguishing appearance because of its special position in the area. The material used is corten steel, which is durable and lastingly beautiful. In fact, ageing is even desired.

The perception of a person walking on and next to the bridge has been an important starting point. The perforated girder adds a transparent layer to the design. Approachung the bridge one sees the text "Rowing is moving a boat using muscular strength by means of oars", which explains the function of the pond.

Thanks to this perforated text the bridge is clearly recognisable as a landmark. The bridge shall take center stage in the Schuytgraaf neighbourhood with its illuminated letters. It ensures at the same time that the bridge is a safe crossing at night.

The balls in the water visually reinforce the function of the rowing pond and are also meant to tempt possible users. The masts reinforce the recognition value of the bridge and the continuity of the rowing course.

The design of the car bridges is much more contained and emphasises the connecting element. Thanks to the use of enduring materials and solid structural detailing only minimal maintenance is required and the appearance remains fresh.

Project: #456