The Silent Cube is a glass meeting room for up to eight persons, which can be used for presentations and discussions without be disturbed by a noisy environment. The Silent Cube has a high acoustic comfort. This is achieved by the glass walls not being parallel to each other, but having a small rotation so minimising the reverberant sound reflection occurring between the walls.

For climate control, use is made of the ambient air. Slats in the floor are arranged with Phase Change Material (PCM), with which the space can be cooled. During the night, the cold energy from the cooled ambient air is stored in the floor. This cold energy is delivered to the space during the day, thus dampening the warming up during the day.
The Silent Cube will come onto the market in 2015, and is available in a modular, made to measure version.

About the Silent Cube
The Silent Cube was developed from an idea by Deerns in close cooperation with architects ZJA, Saint-Gobain (glass) and Bussman. The latter is responsible for the construction. Deerns is responsible for acoustic research and coordination. In addition to these partners, Holland Conditioning, Kuijpers Plant, PCM technology / Salca, Akma and iGuzzini deliver components for the Silent Cube.

Project: #883