Midreth construction firm, developer and constructor of the renovation and expansion of FC Utrecht stadium Galgenwaard, wanted a unique design for the interior of their skybox. This relatively small space has to provide many facilities: in the skybox, people should be able to entertain, conduct meetings, have dinner and/or drinks, throw parties and of course enjoy the game.

In order to meet all these needs, we have designed a dynamic layout, in which an adjustable table plays a crucial part. By pressing a button on the control panel on the wall, you can not only adjust the height of the table, but also enlarge its surface by means of folding parts. The table is electronically operated.

A red leather couch with large padded pillows was placed along the entire length of one of the sidewalls. When the adjustable table is put in the ‘dinner position', the part of the couch adjacent to the table is electronically moved upwards, creating comfortable seats for the people who are having dinner. According to the number of people present, extra folding chairs may be placed around the table. These chairs are kept in one of the drawers of the stainless steel wall units against the back wall of the skybox.

After dinner, the table is put in the higher position, and the couch is lowered to the level of the rest of the easy couch. The side wings of the table are folded in and the table is used as a bar.

During football matches, the game can be followed from the balcony, or viewed on the flat plasma screen, which is incorporated in the wall units.

The walls are panelled with a system of detachable aluminium sheets and exchangeable photographs. The photographs, showing recent projects by Midreth, are attached by means of touch fastener, so that they can easily be replaced. The blank aluminium sheets are intended for use as a guest book, allowing visitors to express their opinions about the game and their stay in the skybox.

The ceiling is made of a special kind of stainless steel netting: steel rods woven together with stainless steel wire. In between the strips of netting in the ceiling, blue rope lights were realised, in combination with halogen spots illuminating the photographs on the wall.

Client: Bouwbedrijf Midreth
Project 0292