Stadium for Euro 2012 in Poland

The Municipality of Sosnowiec aims at accommodating one of the football teams taking part in the Euro 2012 championships. In order to fulfill the necessary UEFA standards, a new stadium has to be built. This opens up the possibility to concentrate various sports facilities, currently scattered throughout the city, in one area.

The feasibility study takes a closer look at the realisation of a stadium with 18.000 seats with integrated multifunctional Sports Centre, as required by the Municipality of Sosnowiec. The stadium, built on the location of the existing stadium, will be constructed in four stages so it can be used at all times.

We approach stadiums as social environments and football as theatre, in which the individual supporter’s view of the field is as important as seeing and hearing fellow supporters and those of the opponents. Besides being football pitches with stands, stadiums can also be used as multifunctional public buildings for a variety of events. They can be surrounded by a wide range of other amenities, from parking space to offices, from robust stands for the more rowdy fans to luxurious skyboxes, from shops to a Hall of Fame, from simple outlets for drinks and food to formal sit-down restaurants. Stadiums are by their scale and purpose a landmark and can be a catalyst of city restructuring and development.

The site of the stadium is situated between the residential area of Sosnowiec to the North and green areas to the south that can be developed into park / recreation areas. The architects ZJA proposed to build the first ring on a ground slope, which will have a positive effect on the building costs. The supporters enter the stadium by grand stairs built on these slopes. At the top they will enjoy a great view over the field and the stadium. On top of the slopes, above the first ring, the second ring will be built. The shape of the stages is based on the ideal C values and the maximum sight distance to the field. This leads to an undulated stadium roof. The facilities for the public are positioned between the first and the second ring. Special attention is given to disabled people who sit in their wheelchair right at the top of the first ring.

The main building of the stadium is situated on the western side of the plot. There all the football-related functions are situated, together with various business-to-business facilities. The multifunctional sports centre is placed in the east, facing the city centre of Sosnowiec. Sport functions include a fitness club, SPA, bowling alley, football fan shop, spaces for squash, badminton and table tennis, judo hall, climbing wall and offices for 5 sport clubs.

In collaboration with Bartels Poland