New city bridge for Nijmegen

The 'Oversteek' with its characteristic main span and the flat first spans fits perfectly with the other Waal bridges. However, its landscape context makes it a unique bridge. Thanks to its asymmetric shape and homogenous appearance the crossing is vividly present in the area.

The new city bridge for Nijmegen - the 'Oversteek' ('crossing') - is perfectly integrated into the context. The bridge is responsive to the various atmospheres, situations and areas in the landscape, consisting of the urbanised context of the Waalfront on the southern shore, the fluvial area reaching from the shore to the dyke, the green Oosterhoutsedijk and the city extension on the northern shore. These atmospheres can be found back in the design of the bridge. On the southern shore the 'startup' is interwoven with the complex and rich urban context. The crossing of the river channels is done in one clear gesture: The arch leaps off the southern shore, bounces on the water, then runs out horizontally over the river foreland and the secondary channel, to touch down right behind the Oosterhoutsedijk. Thanks to the continuous road profile with its consistent design the road is experienced as one boulevard.

The City bridge is one big gesture from shore to dyke. The first spans on the southern shore are embedded in a terraced landscape that refers to characteristic elements of the area: the bulwarks in the Waalfrontpark and the undulating Valkhof. A couple of comfortable public spaces invite to relax and play. The large arch crossing the Waal with its asymmetric supports creates a new trademark for the city.

The structure of the bridge is clearly hierarchical. The various parts such as arch, deck, tension rods and first spans are independent. However, the harmonious combination of all parts creates one entity. Inspired by the existing Waal Bridge, the arch gets the strongest presence, crowning the hierarchy.

The 'Oversteek' will not be realised. The tender was won bij the combination Bam Max Bögl with architects Ney Poulissen.