Urban development for ADO stadium and environs
The city of the Hague would like ADO/The Hague to continue playing major league soccer in a suitable stadium. The current location – the Zuiderpark in The Hague – is too small to accommodate the extra facilities.

The city of The Hague asked the architects ZJA to make a design for a new, multifunctional stadium that can accommodate a hotel, offices and various commercial facilities. The definite location was still unknown; the city had to choose from three locations. ZJA made a design for the ‘Gavi-lot’, which is situated between the A4 and the A12, near Prins Claus Square.

The stadium has the capacity to accommodate 15.000 to 20.000 visitors, who can reach the stadium by means of a so-called ‘people-mover’. The ‘people-mover’ will leave from central public transport locations. There will also be a spacious parking garage underneath the stadium. The stadium will have to offer various accommodations to remain profitable. This commercial interpretation of the stadium includes office buildings, large-scale retail business, recreational spaces and a hotel. At first the commercial facilities will have to be located under the stands. At a later stage we have also planned to build commercial buildings around the stadium.

ZJA is now designing the actual stadium.