She was a hard working and successful student at school. But as she grew up she discovered her interests went beyond the traditional education Chinese schools offer: science and economy. She received drawing lessons since her childhood and when her father introduced her to the world of architecture, she chose to enrol at the architecture department at the Technical University. She loved the idea that in architecture, technology, culture and aesthetics are all involved.

‘After my bachelor degree I moved to Europe, to the TU Delft and discovered a whole different world. I enjoyed the openness and the value one attributed to innovation and research. And I also found I could contribute something of myself, the softer qualities of beauty and the attention for the human scale, that complement technical and efficient aspects.’

At first she worked for a firm that mainly designed housing projects and office buildings. She soon lost interest, there were too many limitations and repetitions. At ZJA there is much more diversity in work, and more attention for innovations and the beauty in designs.

‘Designing bridges is what I like the best and fortunately we do a lot of that at ZJA.’