Football stadium with streaming cover and oval stand

The new AZ stadium is located alongside the A9 motorway on the south side of the city of Alkmaar and can accommodate almost 17.000 spectators. In a continuous curve, the cover of the stadium follows the varying height of stands, skyboxes and other spaces. Starting point in the design by the architectural studio ZJA was the personal sporting experience of the spectator: the prefab concrete stand elements are each rounded off differently, so that the stand curves like an oval around the field; a real football theatre.

The Alkmaarderhout, the former stadium of football club AZ, no longer met modern standards; It was out-dated, too small, and only provided makeshift solutions for amenities that should be part of a modern stadium like representative sky boxes, nice offices, catering facilities and facilities for players and supporters.

A complex flow of people moves through a football stadium. For each group of users, ticket audience, skybox audience, football players, guests, press and referees, specific routes and spaces are designed such as lounges and fan shops for the general public and skyboxes for businessmen. The stadium also has a number of sustainable measures such as the residual heat of a nearby waste facility that is being used for heating.

The leading principle for the football stadium was to provide the best sightlines for all spectators. The prefab concrete stand elements are each rounded and bent together in an oval around the field, in such a way that each seat faces the centre spot. The stands are as close to the pitch as possible. The ideal line of sight coincides with a favourable distribution of the spectators: most seats are there where the spectators prefer to sit (behind the goals and along the field). The design of the stadium has already taken into account a possible extension to 40.000 seats.

Winner: Most Beautiful Building of the Region of Alkmaar 2008.

Project: #249