Colourfield is a fully-installed mini sports arena that combines a social sports education program with sport facilities, a lighting centre and clean drinking water. The concept also includes the WorldCoaches program of the Royal Dutch Football Association (KNVB); a program that educates local coaches in football coaching techniques and social life skills. Installing a Colourfield in an urban or semi-urban area helps to provide safe and secure sports facilities for children in the neighbourhood. At the same time it provides a safe area in the evening and night with solid fences all around.

The innovative technologies of the Colourfield provide solar powered electricity and up to 3,000 litres of clean drinking water per hour. The artificial grass and sub base of the system are made from recycled materials. Solar panels provide the energy for the lighting and rainwater can be collected by a tensile cover and by the pitch sub base. Available rain- and well water can be stored underneath the sports pitch and can be transformed to drinking water through a purification system.

Colourfield is an initiative of Dutch Sports Infrastructure (DSI) and is part of the Partners for International Business (PIB) program. Under this program, the Dutch industry collaborates with sports organizations and the Dutch government to develop the sports infrastructure in India. India has the ambition to motivate people to exercise more and to generate more athletes by providing more sport facilities throughout the country.  Architects ZJA are one of the companies and organisations that are involved in this project and formulated the design and specifications of the Colourfield concept.

The cooperation for India under the PIB is an initiative of Amsterdam Arena International, ZJA, Heras, Drain Products, Pentar X -flow, KNVB, Philips Lighting, TenCate Grass en Ballast Nedam. FME is the secretary of the PIB India program.

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