During the weekend of August 19 - 22, many changes will take place on the motorway A1: the new A1 in the direction Amersfoort will be put into use. As of Monday, traffic will cross the new bridge over the Amsterdam-Rhine Canal and the Aquaduct Muiden. The new railway bridge at Muiderberg will be transported to its final position. All the three structures are designed by ZJA.

Partial opening of the bridge over Amsterdam-Rhine Canal

As of August 22, the new bridge over the Amsterdam-Rhine Canal will be partially put into operation. ZJA drafted the new bridge subordinate to the Muiderberg bridge, so that the two bridges do not compete with each other. The bridge consists of three parallel bridges: for each direction of travel a bridge deck, and in between a bridge deck with a reversible lane.

Partial commissioning of aquaduct Muiden

In Muiden, where the expanded A1 crosses the river Vecht, the broadest aquaduct of Europe has been built. The aquaduct measures 200 by 65 meters over the motorway, and consists of 12 lanes. Not just the river Vecht was built over the aqueduct, but also the banks, dikes, two local roads as well as the landscape. On Monday August 22, also the new A1 will be re-routed through the Muiden aquaduct underneath the river Vecht.

Insertion of railway bridge Muiderberg

During a period of three days, the old railway bridge at Muiderberg will be demolished and the new railway bridge Muiderberg will be transported to its final position. With a main span of about 255 meters, the railway bridge is the largest in the Netherlands. In the architectural design ZJA Zwarts & Jansma Architects has opted for a slim and sleek bridge with a light and transparent design. On August 26, the first train will cross the new railway bridge.

The bridge Amsterdam-Rhine Canal, the aquaduct Muiden and the railway bridge Muiderberg are part of the road expansion A1 / A6 Diemen - Almere Havendreef (a sub-project concerning the road expansion Schiphol - Amsterdam – Almere) and are commissioned by Rijkswaterstaat and the consortium SAAone (consisting of Volker Wessels, Boskalis, HOCHTIEF and DIF). The consortium SAAone commissioned ZJA with the architectural design of the sub-project A1 / A6 Diemen - Almere Havendreef.

Photograph's: Rijkswaterstaat