Viaducts for public transportation, Eindhoven

Near Eindhoven Airport, next to highway A2, the new office location 'Flight Forum' has been built. The plan was created by Winy Maas and classifies itself with a great unity in architecture. The architects ZJA designed the two viaducts for a junction-free bus lane.

In addition to paying attention to the office buildings, there is a lot of concern for the accessibility of the location. This usually is a bottleneck for business locations like this.

Flight Forum has a new type of public transportation: HOV is a public transportation system which offers a good alternative for driving by car, and which lives up to the standards of the next century. The system anticipates the expected technological developments and offers a high level of comfort.

The HOV- bus will have its own junction-free lane connecting the area to the city Eindhoven and Eindhoven Airport. One of the two viaducts designed by ZJA has stairwells to the HOV Bus-stop with outfanning steel railings.