In the Byzantium building (designed by Rem Koolhaas) at the Leidsebosje in Amsterdam, the architects ZJA designed a women's and men's clothes shop for Reflections, one of the leading fashion stores in Amsterdam. One of the requirements was that the various collections should have an easily recognisable place; furthermore, a great deal of flexibility was required. There was a limited budget.

The space is characterised by a somewhat irregular shape. It is relatively narrow and deep. We created a second, rectangular room inside the room, a box within a box as it were. The remaining rooms mainly function as display windows. The floor was designed in two colours, accentuating the separate zones.
We also developed a flexible system for displaying hanging and folded clothes along the walls, as well as some special showcase-like elements. We have tried to create a number of recognisably different atmospheres within the limited space, without diminishing the structure of the whole.