The site of the current tennisclub Joy, along highway A10, is the future location of a building for the Department of Public Works of the municipality Amsterdam Old-South (possibly in cooperation with Amsterdam South-Amstel). The architects ZJA were asked to study on a urban plan for this area.

The plan includes a storage for materials, a garage for extralarge vehicles, a parking deck and office space. The municipality of Old-South established the brief for the urban development of this area. The spatial development and the space needed for the functions on this location have been determined by ZJA by means of a short analysis of the location and its surroundings and a sketch of possible buildings.

The sketch explores the lay-out of different functions. A 3d-visualisation of the alternatives clarifies the plan, places the volumes in the surroundings and shows which possibilities the remaining part of the area offers. On the East side the area borders to the Schinkelscheg with houseboats, recreation and green.

It is desirable to place the storage of materials to this side, accompanied by an extension of the green zone. At this moment the whole area is only accessible for slow traffic. Moving the entrance to the Pilotenstraat results in more possibilities and more freedom. Model I shows the most extensive form of land use with functions beside each other. In model II combines the parking deck with the garage roof as a result of which only a part of the whole area is required. By piling up the office on top of of the garage (model III) the available space is exploited even more intensively. This way is leaves room for future changes such as the possible coupling of several departments and functions. We have chosen this model for further development.