An underground parking facility in Abu Dhabi, UAE, for which ZJA developed the architectural concept, today received two Awards of Excellence (AOE) in the category Best Design of a Parking Facility with Fewer than 800 Spaces and New Sustainable Parking & Transportation Facilities Excellence.

In cooperation with Parsons International, and commissioned by the Abu Dhabi Department of Transport (DoT), ZJA developed an architectural concept as a proposal for an underground parking facility in sector E11. The facility is the first parking garage in the region equipped with electrical car chargers for hybrid cars and incorporates several other unique features. This particular parking facility also serves as a pilot project for a series of future parking facilities in Abu Dhabi. The project was inaugurated earlier this year. Sector E11 of Abu Dhabi is located in the Al Danah area of the central business district.

The International Parking Institute (IPI) awards the AOE annually. The award showcases outstanding parking facilities and innovative parking programs in a number of categories.