This week, the first pouring of the precast columns for the Albert Cuyp parking garage, designed by ZJA, has started. The columns are made in Germany and will be put in place in the garage in 2017. These are the visible columns that will be positioned in the middle of the parking garage on both parking levels. Meanwhile, tens of thousands of cubic meters of soil have been dredged and over a thousand anchors are being drilled into the ground. Together with the underwater concrete, these will form the foundation of the parking garage. At the end of November, the underwater concrete will be poured in four or five days time after which the water will be pumped from the construction site. By the end of the year, the concrete will be dry and it will be possible to walk on the site.

To relieve the current strain on parking in De Pijp area in Amsterdam, the Boerenwetering parking garage underneath the Ruysdaelkade/Hobbemakade is being built. The parking garage will have two parking levels and the canal above it will be restored. The parking garage is simple and rectangular in shape, with much attention given to the integration of the systems. All these measures provide a convenient car park where the visitor's safety is paramount. The main entrances are made as compact as possible and are integrated with the public realm of the Ruysdaelkade. It is the first time for Amsterdam that a parking garage is constructed under an existing canal. The parking garage is expected to be completed by the end of 2017.

Photographs: Max Bögl