In collaboration with OMGEVING, ZJA designed the new sports and recreation center Sneppenbos in Boechout. On September 24th, the new sports park will officially open its doors. During that day, a guided tour of the new sports park will be given. Demonstrations of various sports will take place, as well as activities for children. At 17:00, Mayor Koen T'Sijen and alderman of sport Rudi Goyvaerts will officially open the sports park. In the evening the first basketball game will be played at the new sports park.

The new sports and recreation center includes a large gym, changing rooms for indoor - and outdoor sports activities, three small gymnasiums, a cafeteria and a canteen on the first floor. From the cafeteria, there is a view over the green surroundings as well as the sports fields and the large gym. The adjacent existing container park received the same wood siding as the new sports center. LED lighting at the top of the siding functions as a beacon for the area. Rainwater is collected and used for the toilets and sports fields.

Photographs: Gemeente Boechout