ZJA, one of the architects of Zuidasdok


Zuidasdok final contract awarded to ZuidPlus
Substantial boost to the accessibility and quality of life in the Amsterdam region.

The widening and partial underground installation of the A10 South motorway in Amsterdam and the expansion and modernization of the Amsterdam Zuid station is now a step closer. The contract for the design and construction of Zuidasdok was awarded to ZuidPlus, the joint venture with Fluor, Heijmans and Hochtief.

The A10 South is one of the busiest highways in the Netherlands, in particular, at exits S108 and S109 which are often congested during rush hour. The Amsterdam Zuid station is also extremely busy. The Zuidasdok project will provide eight lanes for bypass traffic and four lanes for local traffic. The partial underground installation of the road via a tunnel under the A10 at the South Axis gives Amsterdam Zuid space to grow into a high-quality public transport hub. Additionally, the previously separated two sections of the district can now be combined into one living, working and shopping zone.

Zuidasdok is a joint construction project by Rijkswaterstaat, the city of Amsterdam, ProRail, the province of North Holland and the Amsterdam Region Transport. ZuidPlus has been awarded the contract based on a number of criteria including: noise reduction measures they plan to include; maintaining the accessibility of the South Axis during construction; intelligent building logistics; low-noise construction methods and a good integration of the expansion of Amsterdam Zuid station.

Minister of Infrastructure and Environment Ms M. Schultz van Haegen said: "The Zuidasdok project will give a substantial boost to the accessibility of the northern Randstad. The Zuidas area can now evolve into a prime location for international businesses, shops and new homes."
Focus on the surroundings
Zuidasdok is being built in the heart of the bustling South axis where living, working and doing business go together in a small space. The tender included an explicit challenge to bidders to focus attention on the environmental aspects of this extensive project. An innovative project approach was therefore required in order to meet design requirements and a range of objectives including the reduction of environmental pollution.

The realization of a big project like Zuidasdok cannot be done without causing hindrance. ZuidPlus has nevertheless managed to come up with creative solutions to reduce these nuisances as much as possible. Smart logistics planning will combine and reduce construction traffic for the supply and transport of people and materials to the site. Two building roads that connect directly to the A10 will move construction traffic, as much as possible, away from the city. Construction materials used for the walls and roof of the tunnels for the A10 will help reduce noise for the surrounding areas and, where viable, other construction work will also be done underground. 

Construction will commence in 2019. In the coming period, ZuidPlus will focus on preparatory work and further developing the design and planning of the project. Zuidasdok is due for completion in 2028. With a contract value of 990 million euros, Zuidasdok is currently one of the largest infrastructure projects in the Netherlands. The project is funded by the state, municipality of Amsterdam, the Transportation Amsterdam region and the province of North Holland with an additional contribution of NS. Rijkswaterstaat acts as contracting authority.

Zuidasdok architects
ZuidPlus Architects is involved in this project for the architectural and landscape design of the Zuidasdok. ZuidPlus Architects consists of Zwarts & Jansma Architects, Team V Architecture and Bosch Slabbers Garden and Landscape Architects.



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