The Flemish government has awarded engineering firms Arcadis and Sweco Belgium with a contract to assist in the redevelopment of the ring road around Brussels. Commissioned by these two companies, ZJA Zwarts & Jansma Architects will provide for the architectural design of the Brussels Ring.

The redevelopment of the ring road and adjacent infrastructure aims to ensure smoother and safer traffic around Brussels. The main objective of the project is to separate transit traffic from local traffic. Both traffic flows will be provided with separate lanes, so that weaving manoeuvres are avoided. In parallel, “adjacent” infrastructure will be created, consisting of tramlines and bicycle flyovers or tunnels, which will improve the connection of the capital’s suburbs with the city centre. The works affect the northern part of the ring road, between the junctions Groot-Bijgaarden and Sint-Stevens-Woluwe. This also includes the intersection to Brussels Airport Zaventem.

Plans for the redevelopment of the ring road, including a separation of traffic flows, were presented by the Flemish government in 2016. In collaboration with architect Frank Hulle, ZJA will create a design vision to give a new identity to the Brussels Ring. Sweco, Arcadis and CLUSTER landscape + urbanism are responsible for the landscaping of the project. The construction of the Brussels Ring will start in 2019.

Currently, ZJA is responsible for the architectural design of a number of crucial and large infrastructure projects in Belgium: The Oosterweel connection – the complete closure of the Antwerp Ring, the renewal of a number of bridges across the Albert Canal en the new A11 motorway between Brugge and Knokke.

Image: Agentschap Wegen en Verkeer