Having grown up around Veghel in Brabant, Myrthe chose to move to Maastricht to attend university. But European studies turned out not to suit her, and neither did applied psychology in Leiden.

What did suit me very well was the study of anthropology in Utrecht. What I like doing is observing, understanding circumstances and fathoming the mechanisms in what people do.’

She graduated with a thesis on a philosophical subject, about the changing relationship between humans and nature, not just as a result of climate change but because of new technologies and scientific insights. Without knowing precisely what her future plans might be, she moved to Amsterdam.

I wanted more unfamiliar and vibrant life around me. It was also part of a break with schooling and academic life. I registered at the Rietveld Academie for an introductory course to broaden my outlook.’

She arrived at ZJA in early 2023 to join the secretarial team and immediately felt at home. That was because of the kind of architecture engaged in here, she suspects, with its focus on public buildings and public space, on flows of people. And its constant attempt to combine technical, urban, ecological and aesthetic factors, along with the relaxed and cordial atmosphere.

What does she do when she’s not working?

I like best to go out for a meal with friends and drink wine with them. I also read and take long walks through the landscape of Belgian Limburg with my father, who is a passionate birdwatcher.