The city of Maastricht has introduced a new transport system for the disabled. It is a cross between private and public transport. Specially adapted taxis take the disabled people, individually, to one of four bus stops. There, they transfer to a bus with a very low entrance, with or without the help of an aide.

We designed three bus stops for important junctions in the city. The largest one is located on the Markt, where the able-bodied public also uses various bus lines. This bus shelter is equipped with a public toilet that is also suitable for the disabled. In the other two shelters, the toilets are specifically intended for the disabled. In all three shelters, the waiting facility is climatised. The architects ZJA developed a roof construction with a clear, recognisable shape, on top of a building that is kept as transparent as possible.

The underside of the roof construction is covered in steel gauze, while the main light source is situated in the roof construction. This results in a very striking picture at night; an easily identifiable light line.