When public spaces are used by many people, social safety is usually not a problem. Both indoor and outdoor spaces become unsafe when there are few people present.

From this perspective, HTM The Hague realises a number of so-called junction stops in places where several bus and tram lines converge. The junction at Wouwermanstraat is the first of a series of junction stops and is regarded as a pilot project.

Apart from the existing shelters - also designed by our firm - the junctions feature a more comfortable waiting facility, a mailbox, a stamp machine, a phone booth, an alarm, public toilets and a cash dispenser. This is not only an extra service for the passengers, it also means that people will come to the junction specifically for the facilities.

In contrast with the shelters, which consist of the same constituent parts and make up a clear system recognisable throughout the city, we decided to adapt the architectural form more specifically to the situation.
This was done because there are going to be too few junctions to constitute a recognisable series, and because the programme may be different for each situation.

For the Wouwermanstraat junction, we designed a clearly defined, steel hood edged with lines of light, which functions as a binding element for everything that is positioned underneath it, like 'furniture'.
Furthermore, we paid a great deal of attention to transparency and high-quality finish. These two aspects are of great importance in all kinds of street furniture, with regard to both social safety and maintenance.