The shopping centre of Amstelveen, built in the sixties, was dominated by a large car park. In order to obtain a lively and bright cultural and commercial city centre, the municipality of
Amstelveen, in co-operation with real estate developer MAB, organised a series of workshops with city planners and architects. Apart from the transport centre designed by our firm, designs by such firms as Benthem & Crouwel, Hans Ruijssenaars, Atelier Pro and Liesbeth van der Pol will be realised.

The transport centre is a combination of a multi-storey car park for 600 cars on top of a bus station with a dynamic stop allocation underneath. The car park has a front made of woven stainless steel thread, hanging like a wavy curtain around three sides of the car park.

In order to minimise the inconvenience of the car park's construction on the bus station - located underneath the car park - , large collecting trusses were installed, limiting the number of columns on the platforms.
The ceiling of the bus station is made up of perforated, curved stainless steel elements.
In the entrance hall, tickets for the bus and for the car park are sold, among other things.

This combination of functions ensures that there are always people present in the hall, which helps social safety.

The building will be complete when the adjacent 'culture strip' has been realised. In front of the buildings that constitute this strip, another gauze facade will be mounted, running along the front of the facade of the car park on the side of the square.