The Chicago Athenaeum Museum presents the exhibition 'The City and The World' at The European Center in Athens from September 9 to 25. There are also two prize-winning projects by architectural firm ZJA on display: the Diamond Exchange Capital C Amsterdam and the Venue Building in Middelkerke. 

Inspirational architecture 

The exhibition highlights all winners of the prestigious International Architecture Awards 2022. From public buildings to striking urban planning interventions, cultural heritage and special gems. “The distinguished awards recognize the most significant and inspirational buildings of the year and set a global standard for architectural achievement worldwide.” 

Sustainable icon at the Flemish coast  

A beacon by the sea, in the heart of a renovated dune landscape. In Middelkerke, Belgium, the new Venue Building will combine coastal management, liveability and sustainability. The project is now under construction and the design was created under the direction and supervision of Debuild and was made by ZJA and DELVA Landscape Architects, in collaboration with OZ and Bureau Bouwtechniek and a series of experts, who together form the Bouwteam Nautilus. 

Sparkling Monument 

Reborn as Capital C Amsterdam, the former Diamond Exchange from 1911 is once again an important part of Amsterdam as the center of the creative industry. The monumental building from 1911 has regained its original grandeur after a major renovation, commissioned by Zadelhoff B.V. and Sijthoff Media and designed by ZJA in collaboration with Heyligers architects. It was crowned with a contemporary, characteristic and completely parametrically designed dome of steel and glass. Brilliant as a diamond, this High Light reflects the city's past and present. 

The exhibition 'The City and The World' can be visited from 9 to 25 September at The European Centre: Mitropoleos 74, Athens, Greece. Opening hours: Wednesday-Sunday 12:00 to 19:00 p.m. The exhibition is free of charge.