Shopping Boulevard with a Stunning Dome

Affluent people want to purchase their goods effortlessly, in cultivated surroundings where everything is easily available. Ecodome, planned for a location in the Middle East, offers a luxurious shopping paradise that leaves nothing to be desired.

Ecodome combines the best of two worlds: the European idea of open squares and wide streets and the Arab concept of a closed building block with courts and alleys incised. Visitors can alternate between three different spheres and densities: the corniche invites the public for a stroll under the palm trees. Along the promenade singular buildings blocks and larger squares are lined up like pearls on a string, resembling a European city with its open layout. This open front area merges into the third zone, which makes one think of a luxurious Arab souk. Small patios and pathways are carved into large building blocks, creating a private atmosphere. Here, one can talk and shop in private, far away from the busy corniche.

Eye-catcher is the stunning dome, a beautiful shell constructed on a technologically highly advanced level. Visitors enter the dome preferably from the sea, berthing in the private marina. Its ingenious construction lowers the air temperature to a comfortable 29 degrees without using conventional cooling.

On the ground level the plan is quite open. On the corniche one finds restaurants and lounges from where one can admire the view. Larger squares and alleys distinguish this area from the backside and the upper floors. The first and second floors are more closed, thereby creating (partly) covered patios and alleyways. Also, the closer one gets to the back, the smaller the scale gets. The rooftops are overgrown and serve as exhibition space for large items such as planes.

The dome is structured according to the principles of the Russian mathematician Voronoy, forming a so-called Voronoy Tessellation. Towards the edge the density of the pattern increases, enhancing the impression of lightness. Constructing it as a duplex dome and filling it with transparent air cushions solves many isolation issues, while leaving the Boulevard open and airy. Thanks to its relatively light weight and great height the dome can span a large area.