Swimming pool “De Slag”, designed by ZJA, is an integral part of Hardenberg's new Sports Boulevard. The Sports Boulevard consists of an athletics accommodation, a beach court for beach sports, a new indoor swimming pool and a sports hall. The new swimming pool has been organized in such a way that the recreational lawn and the two basins are oriented towards the south. Functions such as changing rooms, storage and restaurants are located towards the north and can be shared in the future with the yet to be built sports hall.

Above all, the swimming pool has a clear and transparent layout, establishing a direct relationship between interior and exterior spaces. This "glass plinth” continues on from the entrance to the façade bordering the recreational lawn.

The building basically consists of two halls housing the pools. One hall has a multipurpose pool and a toddler – and infant pool, while the other hall has a competition pool. Both swimming pools are elevated with respect to the ground level. On the one hand, this has been done for cost reasons, because this way, the pools do not rest in ground water. On the other hand, the different pool depths create a clear difference in level. This difference contributes to the spatial experience and creates places with strong lines of sight over the various pools. By designing grand staircases at strategic places, the interrelationship is further emphasized.

In the design of the new pool, sustainability is self-evident. In addition to an optimal harmonization of systems for heating and air treatment, the swimming pool in Hardenberg uses residual heat from the nearby duct manufacturer Wavin for its energy management.


Client: Municipality of Hardenberg

Project: 0747