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New bridge in Wijnegem delivered

On the evening of Friday 21 June, the first motorists drove over the new bridge in Wijnegem. The old concrete bridge has been replaced by a…

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Silt Middelkerke makes the longlist for ARC24 Award twice

Venue building Silt Middelkerke was completed just over two months ago, and it already appears twice on the longlists for the ARC24 Award!

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First part of Oosterweel Connection finished

Another milestone for the Oosterweel Connection in Antwerp! The roadworks on the left bank of the Scheldt and in Zwijndrecht have been…

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Exhibition in the Nieuwe Instituut with contributions by Moshé Zwarts

Now that spatial planning for the Netherlands is back on the drawing boards of government bodies and architects, ideas from the past are…

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Experimenting, creating and testing. Solving and designing go hand and hand at ZJA. Together we search for the right form. Using innovative technologies and with a sustainable goal. Curious about how we design? Take a look behind the scenes.

From large-scale infrastructure to small gems in the city, sustainable sports buildings, coastal defending icons, future-proof monuments, groundbreaking concepts and so much more. View our projects at a glance.

Computational design appeals to me because of the great freedom of form it provides, allowing to better accommodate the spatial wishes of clients and users.  

Kiana Aryan Kia - Computational & generative designer at ZJA

At ZJA, I found an architectural studio that believes in making room for experimentation. The best results come from a simultaneous development of structural design and architecture.

Joris Veerman, architect & structural designer at ZJA


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